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“Mark is very intuitive, having something like a sixth sense in his ability to hear, understand and know just what to offer at just the right moment. His genuine caring and intentional presence supports his instinctive ability to facilitate my self discovery. Once when struggling with a particular issue Mark made a statement which really landed, and then we were both silent for what seemed like several minutes. Mark allowing me that space of silence enabled me to settle in to the truth of his statement and experience the healing that comes from breaking through to clarity and knowing that I am understood and accepted. Mark is committed to having me experience inner peace combined with tangible action as I move toward completion of my goals. In working with Mark I have found a wise confidante and motivator of change, and rediscovered purpose and excitement for my life.”

-Rebecca R., MPH, Age 53, Managing Director, Clinical Research



“I have known Mark V. for many years. He has a heart for people to find their authenticity and to experience joy, fulfillment, and purpose. Mark is compassionate, professional, wise, and well-skilled professional on the cutting edge of transformational technology. I gladly recommend him to individuals who are looking for a coach to support them toward the life that they have dreamed of, but not yet attained.”

-Joseph, Age 52, Pastor


Working with Mark has been a big blessing. Through conversations and exercises with Mark, I have been able to better appreciate how my life is a canvas and I am the artist. What I envision is possible through ME. Not only did Mark help me to discover possibility in my life, He showed me that I had the energy and courage to embrace my dreams and transform them into reality. Mark is insightful, fearless, and a friend.

-Sarah, Age 33, Physician


“I’ve worked with Mark and been blessed by his professional creativity and prowess. I’m consistently impressed by his intuition, wisdom, and ability to open possibility and generate results. He is a man of integrity, and my life is always forwarded when our paths cross. I would recommend his professional offerings to my nearest and dearest and invite any person to let the blessing of his work in to your life.”

-Lyndsay, Age 29, Enrollment Coordinator


“I have had the privilege of experiencing extraordinary breakthroughs under Mark’s leadership. His dynamic creativity and insight have provided me many opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

-Bernadine Irwin, PhD, Age 66


“Mark challenges me to question my excuses, find my courage, and move into action. His honest feedback and frank questions cause just enough discomfort to help me grow into being who I really want to be.”

-Mike, Age 39, School Counselor

My name is Heidie, I am a recent graduate from California State University San Bernardino. I was introduced to Mark at NASW San Bernardino regional monthly meeting. Mark just happened to be presenting at this meeting about “Life Coaching.” Because I am a Social Worker I was pretty sure I understood the concept of “Life Coaching.” However, what I did not realize is how Life Coaching can help me in my own life, a concept I never thought of. Mark gave a great presentation and left us all with a free consultation. His goal was to of course solicit business as well as provide us with first hand experience with the service. So of course I put my name on the list and after a couple of attempted appointments we were able to notch out some time for our over the phone Life Coach counseling session. Honestly, it became a venting session for me because I did not get the job I was so desperately wanting. As a result of my session, Mark was able to provide me with some amazing insight into the behaviors that may have affected my interview. First of all I think I am funny when I am nervous, which according to Mark could be a defense mechanism I have acquired so that I have something to blame when I don’t get the job I truly want. He explained it as a form of self sabotage. I spent the next several days really analyzing my behavior and my feelings regarding what he had said to me. I decided his words of wisdom were right on target!! The following week I had two job interviews, and I was offered both position, Why, what made the difference? How often do we get constructive criticism to help us to identify negative behaviors or positive ones for that matter??? For me just that little bit of insight, set me on the right path. I am grateful for Mark’s ability to provide this service. My self-esteem was restored and my future brighter. Thanks again Mark for the insight and the honesty.



Mark and I worked together closely for the last three years. Mark has outstanding insight into the lives of others. He has great compassion and is a good listener, but he also is able to go beyond these and provide a genuine therapeutic touch. He is a person of great integrity and that shows in all he does. He also is able to help people with very practical strategies. He is not afraid to challenge someone to be true to the directions they want to follow and and need to follow. He directly challenged me a number of months ago to stop talking about and start investigating something that I had mentioned several times as a possibility in my life. His challenge helped me to take the steps I needed and I am very glad now that I did. Mark is very bright and insightful. He is an excellent communicator at personal and public levels. He is creative and innovative. He is also trustworthy and safe to speak to. I am grateful that having journeyed together with Mark for these last years that I now consider him a close, wise, trusted friend.

John P.


I had the great opportunity to have experience the gift of marks coaching through two of my more challenging life transitions: changing my career outlook and adjusting to my children leaving my home to start their own lives.  Mark has a true gift, talent and ability that made me feel comfortable and safe. Sharing my deepest thoughts and fears has always been very difficult for me but some how he made it easier. After while I felt like I could share anything with him because I felt like he genuinely listened and cared and most importantly, I never felt judged by what I shared.

I had lived much of my life out of my feelings which didn’t always turn out well for me.  He taught me how to have more control over my emotions and think before I speak or reacted.  This is was not easy for me because I had lost valuable connections from my lack of self-monitoring but with marks gentle feedback and support I am better able to control what and when I say things. My life is more satisfying thanks to Mark helping me through this challenge I thought I would always have.

As mentioned before seeing my children growing older and leaving home to live their own lives was difficult for me and knew I needed to do something different with my life which is why I contacted Mark again.  Mark again provided listening in a way where it was almost like I wanted to hold back because there was no fear in sharing everything with and I have very rarely found that especially with highly sensitive subjects like mine. Mark provided pin point feedback to help me to find and enjoy a life beyond my children.

The things I appreciate about Mark is how he well listens with no judgement.  At times the feedback was warm and other times it was more assertive but each time it was perfect almost as if he knew what I needed even though I did not.  I felt since beginning our work together somehow he just knew me and that made me feel safe and willing to risk more in reaching my goals. I strongly encourage anyone who is looking for a life coach, someone who will standby your side, hold you accountable and help you see parts of yourself you need to reach your goals, definitely consider working with Mark.  I took a change with him and coaching because I had never done coaching before and don’t normally ask for help but looking back I can honestly say it was a life changer for me.  If he could help a stubborn, set her ways woman like me,  I have no doubt he can help you change your life as well

Ann C.

Age 53

Registered Nurse

Hemet, Ca


Mark has been there for me a lot over the years. Though we don’t live close, I can’t imagine calling anybody else when I’m facing a big decision or dealing with one of life’s big challenges. Mark has a way of helping me get to the bottom of things myself rather than telling me what I should do. During our appointments, I always come to an “ah hah” moment that resonates with me, allowing me to make real changes in my life. I consistently feel like I have a plan moving forward. Mark is real and to the point without judgment. He is a lifesaver, and I’m grateful to have him in my life.

Karen S.


I have had the pleasure of working with Mark in a small study group; I have been pleasantly surprised as he lead us through processes that created a safe environment for growing in conscious awareness of our individual beliefs, how they serve or don’t serve, and then encouraged us to move toward our own vision of healthy relationships, achieving our goals, being difference makers!

Sandra E.


Mark challenges me to question my excuses, find my courage, and move into action. His honest feedback and frank questions cause just enough discomfort to help me grow into being who I really want to be.

Mike B.


Mark has an incredible ability to lower defenses so you can be open and honest with your thoughts and feeling. He provided me a safe and nonjudgmental environment for self exploration and encouraged personal growth in a supportive way. His ability to provide accountability is beneficial for those of us occasionally lacking motivation and drive. I highly recommend Mark as a coach for anyone that needs a gentle but effective push to accomplish your goals.

Erin S.


What most impresses me about Mark Venckeleer is his capacity to whole heartedly BE with me wherever I am (emotionally, in my life and otherwise) and gently but boldly assist me in stepping and living in the direction I want to go. Mark is a genuinely empathic soul who gives everything he has and will stretch himself even further to provide his clients with excellent coaching. I feel honored to have worked with him and happily refer him to everyone possible!! You’re in good hands with Mark.

Gina F.


I got connected with Mark through Thumbtack, following my request for a life coach. I’m a 23 year old marketing professional and there were numerous things I wanted to accomplish after moving to a new city. With months passing and no progress, I knew it was time to enlist the help of a professional.

Mark helped me pinpoint my goals to make them accomplishable, all the while providing great words of wisdom and advice. I was able to achieve goals in a months time that I thought would take much, much longer because of my coaching calls with Mark. He is extremely professional and I am actively recommending his coaching services to friends I know.

Matt H.